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Medical Transcription

SSNair is your state-of-the-art, HIPAA Compliant, Medical Transcription services organization that is constantly re-engineering the dictation/ transcription process in order to take full advantage of the latest advances in information technology, networking, data security, application interfacing, reporting and digital sound technology. Combining these technologies with competent transcription skills allows us to provide cost effective solutions to meet your transcription needs.

We offer clients a set of core competencies, which are invaluable to health institutions large and small. Led by a management team of physicians and other healthcare professionals we well understand the transcription needs and problems of medical institutions, and constantly strive towards excelling their expectations.

With demonstrated capability to successfully service very large and small clients, our highly process oriented business model has enabled a high quality of service to very large and high volume clients. Our clients include, major hospitals, mid sized medical practices and even single physician offices with varying needs that we successfully fulfill on a daily basis. We have one hundred percent commitment for all our clients to ensure their satisfaction, and we can never become a company that is too big to listen.

Our staff includes highly qualified and experienced transcriptionists, QA and software professionals along with other technical members. We also offer 24/7 technical support to answer solve queries and concerns. Some salient features of SSNair include:

Timely, cost effective and quality transcription

Guaranteed 12-15 hour turn around time with 2 to 4 hours STAT capability

Very competitive pricing to ensure tremendous cost savings for all our clients

Interface capability to HL7 and ADT systems of facilities/ hospitals to ensure hassle free integration to other systems

Rich reporting capability related to service billing, HL7 specific, transcription status and QA amongst others

Advanced service features such as print distribution, auto fax and electronic signature capability

Vast network of skilled medical transcriptionists who work on a round the clock basis

Effective documentation, resulting in improved reimbursement

Strong focus on Quality Assurance with QA being integral part of our transcription delivery process

Outsource your work to India / Partner with us.

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