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Our client and partners benefit from both increased revenue opportunities and improved customer satisfaction.

Increasingly, our partners are asking us to develop customized programs for them. By helping them meet the unique needs of their customers with specially-designed membership or loyalty programs, our partners are enjoying a dramatic lift in customer satisfaction, resulting in increased revenue and brand loyalty.

As you are aware, the demand for healthcare services are never ending in every part of the world. Especially in US and Canada , these services have always grown in demand over the years. Becoming a partner with SSNair is an opportunity to increase your revenue, add value for your customers and raise your visibility by offering our healthcare services to them OR you can just boost your personal income by reselling our services.

Whether you target large, small and medium hospitals, clinics, businesses or professional practices and individual entrepreneurs, you can expand your profit potential and increase your customer satisfaction.

SSNair Partner Program is best suited for medical transcription, medical billing & coding companies.

As our Partner, you could combine your sales and marketing power with our winning technology solutions to become the preferred healthcare services provider for small businesses worldwide. Depending on your business strategy, we shall package our offerings to suit your needs. Incase you have an project or you have an idea/offer of how we can together develop new business opportunities, please write to us at

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